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Fungicides are biocide chemical compounds or biological organisms used to kill parasitic fungi or their spores. A fungi static inhibits their growth. Fungus can cause serious damage in agriculture, resulting in critical loss of yield, quality, and profit. Fungicides are used both in agriculture and to fight fungal infections in animals. Chemicals used to control oomycetes, which are not fungi, are also referred to as fungicides.

Fungicides can either be contact, translaminar or systemic. Contact fungicides are not taken up into the plant tissue and protect only the plant where the spray is deposited. Translaminar fungicides redistribute the fungicide from the upper, sprayed leaf surface to the lower, un-sprayed surface. Systemic fungicides are taken up and redistributed through the xylem vessels. Few fungicides move to all parts of a plant. Some are locally systemic, and some move upwardly.

We are offering wide range of fungicides targeting cacao, vegetables etc. We supply various Agricultural Products to domestic and overseas customers. Our products are in compliance with international standards and purity quantity. Our main focus is catering our customers and distributors the world class product with support of our business partners.

  • Mancozeb,80% WP
  • 640g/kg Mancozed + 80g/kg Cymoxanil
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