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We are a leading suppliers, traders and distributor of high quality PVC compounds being sourced from top notch manufacturers across the globe. It has been our constant endeavour to help our clients achieve more production targets, enjoy a competitive price advantage and superior quality through our products.

  • Super One-Pack for PVC Pipes- Pressure & Non-Pressure (Ca/Zn based & Metal Free)
  • Super One-Pack for PVC Fittings- Pressure & Non-Pressure (Ca/Zn & Mithyl Tin based)
  • Super One-Pack for PVC Profile (Ca/Zn based ) 
  • Super One-Pack for PVC Films (Methyl Tin based)
  • Super One-Pack for CPVC Pipes
  • Super One-Pack for CPVC Fittings
  • CPVC Pipe & Fitting Compound
  • Specific PVC Compound (Rigid & Soft)
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